Today is new release Monday, as I'm sure you're all aware. So, off I trundled to my local music emporium to purchase the debut album by the much-touted Fleet Foxes.

Upon my arrival I was met by the new Alanis Morissette album and a carelessly knocked out Radiohead Best Of, but no Fleet Foxes. It seems the album has been pushed back until June 16.

I spoke to someone at their record label (I didn't) and this is what he had to say (he didn't):

"Unfortunately, due to the fact that everyone with ears is going mental about how good this album is we've changed the release date so we can cash in on all the amazing press they've been receiving".

It's capitalism gone mad I tell you. Curses.

I couldn't leave empty handed so I purchased Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours, which is really quite something. You should give it a listen, or ask me to do you a copy.