I love Bjork. I love Radiohead. Thom Yorke is the singer with Radiohead. Ergo a collaboration between Bjork and Thom Yorke from Radiohead is literally enough to make my bladder weaken. Reports are emanating from various internet sources that Yorke will supply backing vocals on 'Nattura', Bjork's brand new single (it doesn't appear on her last album Volta).

However, Billboard are reporting that Radiohead's 'people' have stated that Yorke has recorded no new material with Bjork, which either means the little Icelandic goddess is lying (I won't even contemplate that thought!) or the vocals are left over from the sessions they did for their first duet, 'I've Seen It All'. Either way it's bloody exciting. The single is apparently due out on the 20 October and seems to have some kind of eco-theme.

Here's 'I've Seen It All' as a little taster of what may or may not be happening on 'Nattura'.

EDIT: It's all true! It DOES feature Thom Yorke on backing vocals and it WILL be released on 20 October. Like. Oh. My. God.