I was somewhat surprised to see my name missing from NME's Cool list this year. I write a music blog, said blog is read by 5 people a day, those 5 people keep coming back for more, they think to themselves "who is this mythical man behind Musick? He sure is cool", ergo I should be on the cool list. But I'm not and I will live with it. I have, however, decided to launch the inaugural Musick Cool List, in which we scour the internet looking for someone who epitomises everything that is now, that is current, that is cutting edge, someone who lives music, who breathes it in, sucks it down into his stomach and releases it in the form of musical greatness. I'm talking about a man with the ability to heal people. I'm talking Chris de Burgh...

Here's proof that this man has healing powers.

This is my favourite part:

When De Burgh arrived to pick up his daughter, he sat down beside Miss Mackle and began to place his hands on the scarred area.

The Lady in Red singer mentioned that he was looking for the heat spot and began to concentrate his palms on specific areas in a bid to cure her paralysis.

The following day, Miss Mackle claims she was back at her typewriter using both hands.

Thinking your Jesus. How cool is that?