I've always found Beyoncé strangely fascinating. There's something about that steely-eyed determination, that get-there-at-all-costs smile and those claws that have no doubt grazed the face of some poor Destiny's Child reject. Plus, if you happened to see her on X Factor then you'll know that her performance basically won the whole show for Alexandra Burke, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your views on JLS/Xmas/Jeff Buckley, etc.

One thing Beyoncé has always lacked though is a certain humility, as if she is literally superhuman, some kind of pop superstar robot that was manufactured in China. She needs the Cheryl Cole factor, some kind of tragic event that can be spun into a life-defining moment for her to re-emerge from, Phoenix-like and with Platinum sales. For the time being, however, she's releasing two more singles from her increasingly confusing double-album scenario, I Am...Sasha Fierce.

This is the slow jam. It's called 'Halo' and was apparently written with Leona Lewis in mind but Beyoncé basically stamped her stiletto heal until they gave it to her.

It's like a Tampax advert or something.

Then there's the Sasha Fierce side of Beyoncé, one that's all ghetto and bling and in your face 'n shizzle. This is 'Diva' and it's pretty awful.

'Fierce' indeed.

So, there you have it. Great pop star x one great song + lots of filler + brilliant live performances at award shows/reality TV shows = Beyoncé.