(sorry, that's an awful title right there).

It's always nice to hear from old friends. It's less nice when they're only getting in contact to pimp out a new band and their email reads more like a press release then a genuine attempt to catch-up (I jest Nina, I jest). But still, beggars can't be choosers, and luckily the band in question are really rather good (that can be the quote for the poster!).

Babel have been knocking about for a few years now and released a warmly received mini-album (EP?) in 2007 called Pearl Street Raga, and are about to release their full debut, Crooked Timber, this month. According to the press release/email, it's been getting the kind of reviews poor old Morrissey can only dream of (without a nude photo shoot in sight no less...brrr!). Musically, the wood reference in the album title is apt, their sound is very 'woody' and 'earthy', like a forest or something. Yep, their songs sound like the forest...another one for the poster, surely?

Here's a taster for the new album. It's called 'Make Your Bed' and is what Arcade Fire should sound like:

Here's the science