On Monday, in a rage, Musick twittered (yuk!) something almost rude about the lovely Björk, which, as anyone that knows us will understand, is not a common occurrence. The reason for our ire? She keeps bloomin' postponing the release of her new 2xCD, 2xDVD box set type thing, Voltaic. It was first mooted last year, then was due out in May, then June and now it's next Monday. Having risked dehydration on a tube to Covent Garden and then marched into Fopp expecting to be greeted with some deluxe artwork and gorgeous live songs, we were instead faced with the salty tang of disappointment.

But, fear not, because a guardian angel came to our rescue and SENT US A COPY! FOR FREE! EXCLUSIVE! Well, we do help out with something TOP SECRET in order to earn such luxuries, but if we told you we'd have to kill you. Needless to say, it was all worth the wait in the end.

Here's the brilliant 'Who Is It' taken from the Paris show that makes up one of the DVDs. Please note expensive-musical-instrument-fans that Damien Taylor from Björk's band is using a Tenori-on. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Little Boots.