Martha, Martha, Martha. This is the front of folk feline Martha Wainwright's second solo album, entitled (wait for it) 'I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too'. Now I know what you're thinking, she's gone a bit Alanis Morissette with that title, it's a bit too wordy and pretensious and not nearly as funny as she thinks it is, but fear not as she's included a rather hilarious picture to go with it. Said picture will be housed within the transparent plastic casing that you get free with every CD purchase, or if you're being all technological, it will appear very small on your iPod screen. And what an image it is. You know when you were younger and it was hilarious to watch TV on your sofa upside down, for no real reason? It was wasn't it? Hilarious I mean. All the blood would rush to your head until your face turned a slightly unnerving puse colour. Well, here's Martha showing that even incredibly posh people can play that game too, although I would never dream of doing it with my shoes on. Heaven forbid, my Mum would have slapped me across the backs of my legs. Nor have I ever done it in a little black dress but that's another matter entirely. But this image is more sophisticated then that. You know how I know? Because it's in black and white. It's short-hand for class. This is also reinforced by the flowing font used for the name 'Martha Wainwright' which goes at the top next to that obviously tongue in cheek album title. She's being ironic you see. You probably don't get it. I'm glad it isn't in colour actually, because I have a feeling that the wallpaper doesn't match the carpet and there's a whiff of DFS about that sofa. Still, it does allow us to wonder about what it is she's watching upside down? My bet is it's Hollyoaks, Martha loves that shit.

The album's not as good as her first one by the way.