I recently saw Laura Marling at the Union Chapel in London and supporting her was a fellow named Johnny Flynn. Blonde of hair and ruddy of cheek, Flynn was surprisingly shy considering he's also a budding actor and all round 'hottie' (so says just about everyone on his youtube page). He has an album out on Monday called A Larum (I have no idea either), and if the couple of songs on t'internet are anything to go then it should definitely be worth a listen. The support slot with Marling was no accident, they both share a love for literate, spooky folk that flits between elegant and almost rollicking.

Below is the video for 'Tickle Me Pink'. I particularly like the fact that the original idea for the video was clearly to just have the puppet roaming the recesses of Flynn's mind until the record company decided we needed more shots of him in the flesh so now we have a slightly disingenuous 'party scene' with some of his mates dancing around in hoodies to the sound of fiddles and steel guitar.

EDIT: I have just read that Johnny Flynn is the half-brother of none other then musical maverick Jerome Flynn, as in Robson & Jerome. Music runs in the family clearly, i.e. the mother's side in this case.