It's always nice to encourage debate, especially when it's to do with music. Plus, that's kind of the whole point of writing a blog in the first place. So, I was pleasantly surprised to be told that there had been 20 (!) comments left underneath what seemed like a fairly harmless post about Will Young's new single. Now, 20 comments isn't really that many in the grand scheme of things, but here at Musick that's the comment-leaving equivalent of a gold medal (always there with something topical to anchor the point).

What was more surprising is that the post seemed to unearth some passionate vitriol amongst the Gareth Gates fans out there, who seem to have taken umbrage at my suggestion that Gates has been relatively unsuccessful of late. He has, of course, appeared on Dancing On Ice (the show and the tour), taken part in a celebrity golf tournament and moved from an apartment to a house. That's me well and truly told. There were also some strong comments directed at Will regarding his part in Gareth's musical downfall, as if Will has some stranglehold on the media or people's ability to hear.

Personally, I think this is what killed Gareth's singing career...

'Go Your Own Way' (ah, that title says it all doesn't it?) was Gareth's second album and contained no less then 19 songs. It reached number 11. Note to record companies; don't let your 'artist' release a double album. Ever. Especially if said singer is Gareth Gates whose main appeal at that time was to a very young demographic, not known for high attention spans.

This probably didn't help either...


Six years have passed since Will was crowned Pop Idol winner, perhaps it's now time to let this bloody battle die, along with the hopes of so many reality TV stars.