Gargantuan man/woman/hermaphrodite singer Antony (along with his Johnsons) have announced details of their new single entitled 'Another World'. The single is out in the UK on 7 October and will be backed with four other songs, which probably means it's chart illegible but that means diddly squat to someone who sings mainly about breast amputation and death.

Here's the cover. Unsurprisingly it mixes decadence, campery, melancholy and monochrome:

Here is the EP's full track listing:

01 Another World
02 Crackagen
03 Shake That Devil
04 Sing for Me
05 Hope Mountain

Antony & the Johnsons last album, the Mercury prize winning I am a bird now, was one of my personal favourites of that year and I don't mind saying I'm pretty damn excited about the follow-up, The Crying Light, due in January 2009. The band will also be touring in October in venues big enough to house a full symphony orchestra. So not the 100 Club then.

A reminder of that voice: