Musick has been contacted again by The Enemy re. our little suggestion of a make over (see below pic for the surprising results). It seems they thought we were taking the piss out of them and their attempt to represent 'Broken Britain' TM in musical form. We're not sure how they came to this conclusion.

The Enemy make music that speaks to us all; be it through the imagery of the lyrics ("oh woah, woah, woah, woah, away from here"), the sheer power of their playing or their lack of image or pretension (black clothes = realness). In these increasingly hard times - youth crime, unemployment, homelessness, etc - we don't need music or art to be an escape or for these serious issues to be tackled with wit or intelligence, we need ham-fisted slogans and obvious bandwagon jumping. The Enemy - and other bands that fit the genre we have lovingly termed 'crimewatch indie' - can provide all these things and more.

This is their new single, 'No Time For Tears', complete with a socio-political music video featuring the band in a perspex box being attacked by some errant young people, usually in hoodies:

This might, genuinely, be one of the worst pieces of 'music' ever to have been played into our ears. But, they are band for our times, and we get what we deserve.