Sonic Youth are one of the best bands of all time. Goo is one of our favourite albums of all time. So, when Sonic Youth decide to release a new album of music we get a little excited, we excrete liquid from all our pores and we wait patiently for the results. 'Sacred Trickster' is the first such result to emerge from The Eternal (the swirling artwork to which you can see below), and it's a bruised, guitar-heavy, frenetic sounding monster with Kim Gordon on vocals. It's everything you want a Sonic Youth song to be basically (that could mean a lot of different things, ignore that).

The band will be playing one of those one-off, low-key, limited ticket gigs that only industry bastards get to go to tomorrow at the Scala. Those ones that we, in principal, greatly disagree with, but in reality if someone were to give us a ticket we'd shit ourselves with glee.