We thought now would be good time to give you an update on two albums we've recently mentioned. One by Au Revoir Simone and one by Eels. Unfortunately, youtube let us down, so rather than two perfectly sized videos for you to watch while listening to the new songs, all we can offer is a couple of links.

First up is 'Knight of Wands' by Au Revoir Simone. It's not the lead single, in fact it's described by the NME as the 'fourth track' on the album. Mmm. It's rather lovely of course and you can download it for FREE from here.

Now, then. Eels. The first single from their new album is called 'Fresh Blood'. When we searched for it on youtube we were met with this monstrosity:

Not what we had in mind. If you'd prefer to hear the actual song, then please click here.